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Classic Christmas fans may wonder if pop music really has anything to contribute. It most certainly does. Faith Hill's "Joy to the World" is as good as any Christmas album of the past, and you could argue that pop stars of today may be the classic Christmas stars of tomorrow. We might have to leave out the New Kids On the Block, but old pop bands like the Jackson 5 prove this sentiment correct.

Most Popular Pop Christmas Songs

The Best Pop Christmas Albums

  • Joy to the World by Faith Hill (2008) - One of the best modern Christmas albums of all time, on par with classics from Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby. For those worried this is going to be a "country" Christmas album, it isn't.

  • Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You by Katharine McPhee (2010) - The songs on this album are softer and slower than on the typical Christmas album, so if you're looking for something fast paced this one may not be the best for you. With that said, it's an excellent album that beats most pop Christmas albums out there.

  • Happy Christmas by Jessica Simpson (2010) - Like other albums by Jessica Simpson, this one is very light and definitely on the "pop" side. Be warned this album is also a little "country", with Willie Nelson even joining in on "Merry Christmas Baby".

  • My Kind of Christmas by Christina Aguilera (2000) - Many considered this album an instant classic, and Christina sings the traditional Christmas songs like no one else. It includes both classic Christmas songs and new creations.

  • Amy Grant Christmas by Amy Grant (2007) - A very nice, heartfelt album, similar to other work by Amy Grant. This album has both classic Christmas songs and new pieces by Grant. With 38 titles there's a bit of everything. She really shines with "I Need a Silent Night".

  • 8 Days of Christmas by Destiny's Child (2001) - A great pop album for its time and still loved by many, this album may be more suited to the late 90's early 2000's for modern pop music fans.

  • Ultimate Christmas Collection by Jackson 5 (2009) - This new compilation is a reissue of the best 1970's Jackson 5 classics. It's not contemporary, but it's an excellent album with some of the best pop Christmas music ever.

  • Merry, Merry Christmas by New Kids On the Block (1989) - No doubt this is an outdated album that most wouldn't dare to play beyond the year 2000, but it is a classic piece of work no pop Christmas collection can be without!